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All-Season Puffer With Advanced Featherless Insulation

Stay warm and dry in every weather — without the help of any geese 🪶
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Stay warm and dry in every weather, all year round without the help of any geese. Meet Gale ACT Puffer. The ultra-light, ultra-packable, and durable puffer jacket is engineered for every season with a unique featherless insulation that sets it apart. Repurposed from water bottles, the revolutionary padding resists water, never clumps together, and never pokes out the seams. Its inner layer is soft and temperature-regulating, while the shell resists the elements. In a world packed with puffers, this is the only one worthy of your attention.


There comes a time when only the great outdoors can soothe the soul by switching our hyper HiFi existence to the LoFi frequency of mother nature. Real moments that recalibrate our core being through total immersion in the awe-inspiring beauty from the land to the sea – the Seadon namesake. Our mission is to enrich your outdoor experience in every possible way when you set out to Enjoy Earth. Wherever the trail leads and whatever elements you face, our gear is designed to get you there and back in purpose-built comfort. We’re also firm believers that your values should align with your actions which is why we choose to tread lightly when crafting our products. Share our journey to explore, leave it untouched like before. Pursue your passion | Follow your true north | Respect your destination.


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