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Your Pocket-Sized Plant Coach

Growing a successful garden can take a lot of work and knowhow. Did you water too much or too little? Does your plant get enough light? Is it too hot, or too cold? Does it need fertilizer? There’s so much to know, but thankfully Flora Pod is here to save your plants. It’s a smart plant sensor that takes the guesswork out of gardening. You’ll get smart alerts on moisture, temperature, soil drainage, humidity and more all catered to your specific plant species! It couldn’t be easier to grow a lush, beautiful garden than with Flora Pod.


Flora helps you save your plants! Take the guesswork out of plant care with our patent-pending Flora Pods: These patent-pending sensors use a 3-layered machine learning model to give you instant insights into vital stats like moisture levels, humidity, temperature, and light. It's like a heart monitor for your plants, and can be used for multiple plants - indoors or outdoors! Plus, you'll get recommendations on fertilization, repotting, soil mixes, and more within our free-to-use apps!


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