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Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Storage Jars

Move over mason jars, these are the future of food storage!
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Meet Flexi Jar V2, the kitchen storage system that expands and collapses to fit your life. The silicone storage jars save space in your kitchen, keep food fresh, and flex to fit your life. Rather than stuffing your cupboards with different-sized mason jars, the collapsible storage flexes to fit whatever you're storing. The food-grade silicone is airtight and temperature resistant, keeping both hot and cold foods fresher for longer. From cereals to sourdough starters and your favorite chips, store all your favorite foods flexibly with Flexi Jar V2.


DeliOne seeks to spark change in our environment. Our choices have impacted the ecosystem. Our waste has entered the seas, become food for marine life, caused death, and washed up on shores. It's our responsibility to take action, choose a reusable lifestyle, and create a better world.


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