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Pocket-Sized Wellness Tracking Device

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Think you need bulky and expensive body composition scales to track your progress? Think again. Fritrus Plus 3.0 puts essential health data at your fingertips. Literally. Just touch the sensor and get advanced metrics in seconds, from body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, protein levels, mineral levels, and even blood pressure and stress. The stats sync with the dedicated app, where you can track your progress over time. The app even offers personalized nutrition and workout plans tailored to your current state. Knowledge is power in your hands with Fitrus Plus 3.0.


We help people enjoy their healthier lifestyle through the IT solution. Daeho Lee is the Founder of Onesoftdigm. * M.A. / B.A. Industrial & Management Engineer in POSTECH * IT Solution Manager at KOSDAQ stock market for 20 years I am the Co-Founder of Onesoftdigm. * Second Venture * B.A. Marketing & Accounting at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign * Strategic Consulting & Marketing for 4years


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