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Fast Industrial-Grade LCD 3D Printer

A printer that combines unmatched precision, unprecedented speed, and unrivaled convenience
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With an amazing printing speed of up to 203mm/h, the FinderOne136 is the fastest 13.6” LCD 3D printer of its type. Equipped with a 15000uw/cm² COB light and a powerful 57 closed-loop motor, this remarkable printer easily produces intricate and detailed creations. FinderOne136 is perfect for use at home, school, work, and more. It has a spacious build volume and makes working on large-scale models easy and fun. In addition, its screen module boasts an industry-leading 500:1 contrast ratio. With brighter highlights and deeper shadows, it ensures reduced exposure errors, capturing more intricate details in a shorter time. Bring your ideas to life like never before with FinderOne136!


Coolsiga Technology INC. is a company founded by Jacky, who has always been fascinated by art and technology. He realized that 3D printing was the perfect tool to bring his artistic vision to life, so he started a company dedicated to creating innovative works of art with 3D printing. As he learned more about the technology, Jacky saw its potential to make a positive impact in other industries like education, manufacturing, and healthcare. He assembled a research team to explore these possibilities and developed innovative solutions to real-world problems. Today, Jacky and his team are constantly pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and looking for ways to use it to help others. Join us in our mission to make the world a better place through the power of 3D printing. Support us on Kickstarter and help us achieve our vision.


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