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Discover The Intriguing Steamweird Fantasy World Of 1879

Travel back to 1879 and play with highly detailed, historically accurate maps of all 29 boroughs of London and a sourcebook of the Saurid people, spells, and more!
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Time travel back to the Victorian Era and play as a native Saurid creature in Saurids Sourcebook and Maps of London. The box set is filled with highly detailed and historically accurate maps of London circa 1879. Each of the 29 boroughs has a dedicated map with key locations and true travel times to enhance your game. Use it with the Saurids sourcebook that extensively details the specie's primary cultures, spells, equipment, and more. You're in for a trippy ride with Saurids Sourcebook and Maps of London.


FASA Corporation has been a publisher of books and games since 1980. Our lines included BattleTech, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Crimson Skies, Renegade Legion, Vor, Crucible, and the licensed products Traveller, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. While publishing ceased in 2001, we were still around managing Earthdawn and Ral Partha Europe Ltd. In 2011, we acquired the Demonworld game and miniatures line. Ral Partha Europe Ltd was created in 1998 to manufacture miniatures for the European markets. When the dust settled after the 2001 change in operations, RPE remained a subsidiary of FASA and has continued to make great miniatures ever since. FASA Games, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary created to carry on FASA's tradition of developing great games. FASA Games currently publishes Earthdawn, Demonworld. 1879 is FASA Games' first original game line. Aetherstream Interceptor is our second.


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