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Face Off Against Friends In This Tabletop Dueling Game

Enter the world of Re;ACT - The Arts of War, where your artistry and strategy are more powerful than any weapon. This 1-on-1 dueling card game features 8 artists imbued with newly discovered magical powers, each ready to use their medium against opponents. Position your spells and character across the board while building your effects. Watch both sides unleash their chains, blocking and attacking through each turn. The first artist to deal three damage wins! ABOUT I made a Fire Emblem fan game once and haven't known peace since. FAQ Are these characters from an existing IP? NO! All of the characters in The Arts of War are original characters designed by wickedalucard and Brother Ming! We have a ton of lore sitting in our heads about our lovely OCs, which we'll dump all into that art book! Will there be a solo mode? Not yet! Any kickstarter that promises a solo mode behind a stretch goal already had a solo mode to begin with. Having more money doesn't just make a solo mode appear out of thin air. It was a very intentional decision to not expand our game beyond a 1 vs 1 dueling game. While putting 1 - 5 players on the game box makes games really marketable, we want to focus on the 1 vs 1 competitive experience. HOWEVER, Brother Ming loves solo games, and we have discussed several possible implementations for a solo and co-op mode in Re;ACT. Unfortunately, ensuring a QUALITY solo and co-op mode for Re;ACT would require a ton of development time, and we do not want to risk delaying the fulfillment of Re;ACT. Thus, we are currently shelving plans for a Solo and Co-op mode for the future. CL Message Will you master the art of war before your opponent?