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Unlock Your Car System’s Full Potential And Enjoy The Ride Like Never Before

CarrGenie is a genius, simple device that effortlessly converts your car’s infotainment unit into a powerful Android system. Just plug it in and the car's original system will automatically switch to the Android system in seconds. CarrGenie is powered by Android 11 which allows you to run any app such as YouTube, Netflix, and more in your car. With CarrGenie, you can enjoy CarPlay/Android Auto by connecting to the adapter via Bluetooth. After a quick one-time setup, your phone will connect automatically every time you start the car.


CarrGenie Team is a team of software engineers and in-vehicle product experts. Everyone on the team is experienced and full of passion. The hard-to-use OEM operation system and infrequent wireless CarPlay are one of the most significant reasons to promote us to research a solution method. We are brought together by the same ambition. We did not fail our dreams. We successfully made it come true. Not only a Bluetooth adapter, but CarrGenie is also a new-gen wireless CarPlay adapter that can map an Android system on a car screen. In this journey, we gain much and get over many difficulties. But finally, we are here to show our proud product. Thank you for your early support!