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A Tarot Deck Inspired By Enchanting Fantasy Tales

Every card holds the key to a world of wonder!
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Artis Magicae presents Enchanted Realms Tarot. Step into a realm where imagination knows no bounds, where every card holds the key to a world of wonder. Welcome to the Enchanted Realms Tarot—an exquisite deck of cards inviting you to journey through enchantment and adventure. This deck, created by Anton Tokarev, is inspired by the fantasy sagas and stories that fascinate us so much. As you shuffle through the deck, you'll feel the pulse of ancient energies guiding you on a quest of self-discovery and enlightenment. Let the Enchanted Realms Tarot be your companion on a journey of transformation and insight. Whether seeking guidance, inspiration, or simply a touch of magic, these cards can awaken your intuition and ignite your imagination.


Our purpose is to create unique Tarot decks with the art at the center of the project. We take care of the entire production process with great dedication and most of our complements are made by hand, one by one. We have experience in creating projects and managing shipments internationally.


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