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A Luminous 500-Piece Wooden Puzzle Featuring Two Sides

Made of durable wood that combines the world of puzzles, board games, and wall art to create the perfect adventure
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Discover Dragon Shadow Quest by Impressive Planet: where puzzles become adventures. Experience the thrill of piecing together not one, but two puzzles in one box. As you solve, delve deeper into a captivating narrative, culminating in a magical finale. Its stunning design begs to be displayed, adding a touch of wonder to any space. Merge the worlds of puzzles, board games, and wall art for an unparalleled experience. Witness your creation come to life with soft, ambient lighting, transforming your room into a realm of enchantment. And when the puzzle is complete, elevate it to art with the sleek acrylic frame, enhancing its beauty with a mesmerizing 3D effect. Puzzle, play, and adorn your walls with Dragon Shadow Quest.


Hi Kickstarter! We are Ann and Dmitriy and we have our family business - production of the creative wooden products. Our goal is to create unusual things with our own unique history. Feel free to contact us - impressivplanet@gmail.com.


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