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Your Everyday Carry Meditation Watch

Our concept and perception of time, or lack thereof, is often tied to stress, anxiety and self-doubt. Time is a simple concept yet you may find yourself wondering, why is it so difficult to look at your watch? Donha Egg is an egg-shaped watch that allows you to ditch the frantic mentality and smooth into an unhurried pace. Time flies by so fast but we can still capture moments within, remaining mindful and present yet stress-free. The Donha Egg meditation watch shows you the time without a sense of rush, silently taking your mind off the crowd around you and redefines the movement of time in the modern world.


The Donha team is committed to creating innovative, powerful, stylish, and trendy wearable products, offering an alternative way for extraordinary ones to express their individuality. The Coppertist. Wu team has always been to showcase the beauty of wildlife through our unique art. It leads to greater protection of their remaining wildlife and a more harmonious union between humans and nature.


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