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Sturdy Rooftop Tent Made Of High-Grade Aluminum

The ultimate night's sleep under the stars 🏕️ Setting up camp takes less than 30 seconds with a secure roof-mount for safe transportation and reliable shelter, no matter the weather
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Get an upgrade on your usual camping tent with DARK BARRACKS. The sturdy rooftop shelter made of four high-grade aluminum walls is the next best thing to a penthouse suite in the great outdoors. High thermal insulation and natural waterproofing protect you against the elements, so you sleep soundly through the night. It takes just 30 seconds to set up on the roof of your vehicle with a sturdy mounting system for transporting the tent anywhere. Sleep soundly with all the usual home comforts like a memory foam mattress, power outlets, and LED lights, while an internal locking system gives you peace of mind against creatures lurking in the wild.


OWNLEE is a company based in New York that consists of a team of product developers, manufacturers, and designers. We assigned outdoor camping professionals to establish a new "DARK BARRACKS" team with a goal to develop all hard-shell rooftop tents. Our project began in 2021, and we have been recognized for our exclusive technology from two years of development as we are continuing to create a safe, convenient, and intuitive rooftop tent.


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