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Atmospheric Desktop Light & Projector

Connect it to a mobile phone with Bluetooth and project videos or files
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Cyber Wing Ultra is the world’s first app-controlled holographic light and sound projector. Cyber Wing Ultra draws inspiration from Rubik's Cube and Transformers combined with a cyberpunk style. Cyber Wing Ultra has 16.5 million RGB colors and the light can be switched easily between 7 colors of the rainbow using the buttons. Cyber Wing Ultra has developed its own app with its own lighting pattern, so when connected by Bluetooth, you can control the ambient light pattern remotely. Built-in dual batteries of up to 13500mAh mAh allow you to use it for up to 3 hours. Cyber Wing Ultra can be charged with a TYPE-C charging cable.


Cyber Wing was established in 2013, and its core members are more than 15 years of R&D and production experience in the lighting industry. We are the first to create a desktop-level sound and light intelligent system, and develop, manufacture and sell sound and light intelligent products that can enhance the quality of life through light and shadow interaction at the near end of the desktop.


Is this a total of 3 products?

Yes, there are 3 products in this series. Focusing on the nighttime atmosphere, we created the first generation of the CYBERWING series since we needed super cool products.

How can you tell these 3 product apart?

Our first goal was to produce a cool night light with wall-mapping effect—freedom, cyberpunk, awesome, so we created CYBERWING STAR, which has cool look and wall-mapping effects, and all lights can be interactive with sound effects. Then, to be even cooler, we modified the APP and create CYBERWING PRO. We applied audio analysis technology to separate the bass crossover so that all lights can be interactive with sound effects in a more detailed and intelligent way. Later, we developed a special atomization holographic function to hold a "desktop-level small party" where we could invite friends, family, and other individuals in addition to just having fun alone. The video in the mobile phone can be played in the void. That’s CYBERWING ULTRA.

How long is the battery life of these 3 products?

We have tested these 3 products in daily use and examined their power needs. We discovered that a battery life of over 3 hours is more than adequate, and we can already ensure that each product can reach it.

Is each product integrated with a built-in battery? How to charge? How long does it take to fully charge?

Yes, every product has a built-in battery. There is a type-C charging port on the back of the product, and we will randomly send a type-C charging cable to you. The charging specification: 5V 2A. Regarding the charging time, it takes 1.3 hours to fully charge STAR, 2.2 hours to fully charge PRO, and 4.8 hours to fully charge ULTRA.

Are the 3 products the same size?

Yes, we have integrated 3 different functions into an integrated product of the same size. At the same time, the most special is the CYBERWING ULTRA because it integrates a water tank, an atomizer, and a mini projector.