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Cthulhu Cards For Horror Lovers

Cthulhu Playing Cards are stunning, top-quality Cthulhu-themed playing cards with a book-like designed tuck box and deck. Cthulhu Playing Cards are inspired by the immortal works of H. P. Lovecraft. The unique 3D deck jacket accentuates the horror of the unknowable and incomprehensible Cthulhu. Cthulhu Playing Cards come in two incredible editions: Keep Your Sanity edition and Insanity Unleashed edition. ABOUT Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting. FAQ What is an Uncut Sheet? An uncut sheet is a two-sided sheet of playing cards that have been printed and finished before being cut into individual cards. Uncut sheets have both the face and back sides printed on them. Many people will buy uncut sheets, treat them like a print or poster, and frame them as wall art. You can also see the Cthulhu Uncut sheet as a puzzle reference. What is the card stock, finish, or Is the handling well? They are made with the Supreme Finish and Neoclassic Stock which is one of the signature stocks and finish of The Key Card Playing Cards Company. it is perfect for magic tricks, cardistry, card games, or gambling. For Cthulhu fans, these are better than normal playing cards you buy from a supermarket or get from an airplane. They are smooth, durable, and snappy. New to Kickstarter ? When will I get charged for the project? Kickstarter collects your payment for the campaign when the campaign is successfully completed. Please make sure your payment method provided is valid and funds are available during that time for a smoother process. When shall I provide my shipping address? We will send out a survey once the campaign has ended to collect your shipping address and add-on information. You will be notified through Email & Kickstarter to fill out the survey. We will also post an update once we have sent out the survey with detailed instructions to help you out. How do Add-ons work? Select the pledge tier you want, then you can up the dollar amount of your pledge to include the price of the add-on(s). After the campaign has ended backers will get an invite to our pledge manager where you can tell us what the extra money is for, and even add to your pledge at that time for additional rewards CL Message Fully custom deck with Lovecraftian characters and scenes depicted