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The Turn-Based Tabletop Strategy Game With A Historic Twist

Will you reign over Talmaara or fall at the hands of your rival factions?
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Craft & Conquer: Medieval blends strategic resource management with dice-rolling combat and unique asymmetric factions, ensuring that no two games are identical. Build your kingdom from the ground up, gathering resources to craft a mighty army tailored to your objectives. Conquer strategic locations and complete challenging objective cards to amass the most points and claim ultimate victory. With beautifully detailed 3D miniatures bringing the medieval world to life and rearrangeable terrain tiles offering endless battlefield configurations, Craft & Conquer: Medieval caters to both strategy veterans seeking deep tactical challenges and newcomers eager for a rewarding learning curve. Gather 2-4 aspiring rulers and prepare for epic medieval showdowns!


We are Savage Gamez, a son and dad duo from the mountains of Maine! We bring our years of board gaming experience together with or professional training, development and engineering skills to make epic board game experiences! We desire to bring family around the table for some fun and excitement.


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