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Smart AI-Powered Recorder & Live Translator

The perfect device for interviews, speeches, meeting notes, and more
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Introducing Chime Note X, the smart AI-powered recorder and live translator. This innovative device helps you stay engaged at crucial moments by capturing meetings and lectures into concise voice notes. It is perfect for interviews, speeches, learning, and more. Chime Note X will also help you boost productivity by helping streamline tasks and speed up your work output. Other features include one-click recording, high-quality audio, reliable data protection, an OLED control screen, and more. In addition, it seamlessly integrates ChatGPT to ensure precise transcriptions no matter the speed, setting, or length. Experience recording power at your fingertips with Chime Note X!


We're devising a solution aimed at boosting your efficiency and productivity in today's highly developed world, particularly by harnessing the power of AI. Our goal is for everyone to embrace advanced living and make strides forward in a smart and optimal manner.


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