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Deter House Flies Using Natural Light Technology

Stop spraying unhealthy repellant and start enjoying a fly-free space!
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BUZZYGO is the most effective humane house fly repellent. It relies on non-toxic, natural light reflection to deter flies, ensuring your home remains a safe and healthy environment. With no need for batteries or electricity, BUZZYGO works around the clock to keep flies away: no fluid refills, aerosol containers, or disposable glue traps are used, plus BUZZYGO doesn't release any harmful substances into the air, so it’s safe for both your little ones and your furry friends. BUZZYGO boasts effortless setup and easy maintenance - place it near windows, doors, or any entry point where flies tend to come in.


My day job is running my own business consultancy, but my true passion has been seeking out, redeveloping, and breathing new life into unique and innovative products that once enhanced people’s lives. The Hielo is just one of many designs I'm hoping to bring back to the marketplace – from the recognisable to the extraordinary. Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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