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Power Drill Accessory That Ensures Straight Holes Every Time

Quickly and securely connects to the face of any common drill in seconds, and can be removed just as easily
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BullseyeBore Core is an innovative power drill accessory that easily mounts to the front of most common commercial drills. It seamlessly rotates with your drill and produces several circular patterns on your work surface that in turn help you drill a straight hole every time. Also, BullseyeBore Core can drill straight holes at all angles. It quickly and securely connects to the face of your drill and can be removed just as easily. In addition, it is safe to use and ensures your workspace is always visible. The BullseyeBore Core does not need to make contact with your work surface and therefore it will not leave any scratches. The power tool accessory is rugged and designed for toughness. Get the job done with BullseyeBore Core!


BullseyeBore is a family of drill and tool alignment devices and accessories. The BullseyeBore brand exists with a simple singular mission to make our customer’s work, projects, and lives easier through the use of our innovative products. BullseyeBore Core is the first of several planned products under the BullseyeBore brand name. The “Core” solves the most common problem faced by an estimated 100 million people around the world that use a power drill every day, which is how to always drill straight. No matter if you are a novice, seasoned DIY, or PRO, BullseyeBore Core allows you to always drill straight, with your own drill, and in a safe, simple, and easy to understand visual format.


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