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3-Color 4-Mode LED Headlight Bulbs

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Boslla C4 LED headlight bulbs are inventive 3-color, 4-mode vehicle bulbs that work perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, and foggy weather and all types of emergencies. They effortlessly combine the benefits of both white and yellow light, offering optimal visibility in various weather and road conditions. The design of the Boslla C4 draws inspiration from the chameleon's ability to blend into its surroundings by changing color. Boslla C4 LED bulbs are a game-changer for automotive lighting. They provide enhanced brightness over halogen and have more safety benefits than any other LED bulb in bad weather conditions.


We have been a pioneering LED automotive bulb manufacturer since 2006. Our brand is committed to revolutionizing car lighting with advanced LED tech and offers premium solutions. Our product range covers high-brightness headlights, fog lights, and turn signals in various color temperatures (6500K white, 4300K neutral, 3000K yellow) for diverse driving scenarios. Each bulb meets international standards, undergoes strict quality checks, and is tested for durability across climates. We prioritize energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, striving for green travel. In the future, we will further innovate in LED automotive lighting to ensure every journey is illuminated and safe. Brighten your way with Boslla today.


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