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Innovative Water Filter With Delicious Capsule Infusions

Filter and infuse your water with fresh flavor with just a touch 💧
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Get fresh filtered water or a delicious infusion at the touch of a button with Bello. The innovative water machine brings everything you love about your Nespresso machine and Brita filter together into a device dedicated to your hydration. Activated charcoal instantly filters out nasties like bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, lead, pesticides, and microplastics for water that rivals bottled. Want to add a twist of flavor? Glass capsules infuse your drink with delicious flavors like Matcha Lemon, Peach Iced Tea, and Hibiscus, made from all-natural ingredients and with zero plastic waste. Drinking 2L a day is a breeze with Bello.


Filter & infuse your water with matcha, vitamins, electrolytes and more..


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