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Sleep-Cycle-Inducing Device With Sound Technology

Just push a button, and isochronic tones lull you into a deep sleep and keep you there for a more refreshing night of rest 🌙💤
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Fall into restorative sleep the natural way with the Banala Sleep Dot. The innovative sleep cycle-inducing device uses the power of isochronic sound to lull you into deep sleep. And now, it's back with a portable model for you to take anywhere. Chosen by Meta for employee sleep support, the aid uses theta waves to facilitate quick sleep onset, then delta sound waves to carry you to the deep sleep stage for a prolonged and peaceful night's rest. Stop relying on sleeping pills and nightcaps, and fall into a tranquil and uninterrupted night's sleep with Banala Sleep Dot.


Banala Life is a company dedicated to helping people worldwide sleep better. Based on extensive and insightful research, we offer solutions that improve the well-being of our users. Our mission is to defeat insomnia once and for all. We believe that once you use Banala, you will experience a better night's sleep, leading to a better life.


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