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Express Your Individuality With This Wireless Keyboard

Type in style on your PC or Mac
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Enjoy typing in style everyday with AZIO Tera 75. AZIO Tera 75 is a wireless keyboard made of unique premium materials that is easy to customize. AZIO Tera 75 has interchangeable faceplates and knobs so you can make your keyboard as unique as you are. Additional features of AZIO Tera 75 include sound dampeners, dual control knobs, hot-swappable switches and more. AZIO Tera 75 is compatible with Mac and Windows and can be used in wired or wireless modes. Type on a keyboard you create with AZIO Tera 75!


Azio Corporation designs and manufacturers workspace tools with a focus on design and technology. Our inspiration is drawn from our desire to invigorate a creative lifestyle - creating premium tools to inspire the user.


How do I pick which switches I want on my Tera 75?