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An All New Indie City-BuildingStrategy Game

Earth of Oryn is an indie city-builder/strategy game set in a medieval world filled with story and heart, in which you can build your kingdom however you see fit. Will you inspire and lead your people with kindness and generosity, or command them with an iron fist and crush dissents beneath your heel? Starting from nothing, you must shape your kingdom perfectly to your vision while managing the needs and wants of your people. ABOUT I love building things from scratch. FAQ Will the game support Apple silicon processors? Yes, it will, and from the very beginning. What engine are you using? Earth of Oryn use Unity as game engine. What's the "backer-exclusive early access"? It's a period of about 2-3 months when the game will be release in early access on Steam but will only be available for Kickstarter backers with the corresponding reward and not for the others Steam players. CL Message As the leader of your people, you decide the future of your kingdom 👑