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The Comfortable Pillow That Massages & Prevents Snoring

This smart pillow detects your snoring and adjusts to make it stop 😴
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When the AliSleep anti-snore pillow detects snoring, its four built-in airbags will inflate according to the position of your head. This is designed to move your head to a suitable position, to expand the musculature of the throat, which can let the airflow pass through the airway smoothly. Furthermore, AliSleep has set up a 30-minute massage method to relax your neck and shoulder muscles. AliSleep is low noise, comfortable, and can provide complete relaxation when you lay your head down. Get a more restful sleep every night with AliSleep!


Our team is a dynamic team, we like to find problems and meet challenges. Snoring is a problem that a lot of people have, and members of our team figured it out, so we decided to tackle it together. It took us nearly two years to make an anti-snore pillow that satisfies us, and we hope that our products can benefit more people. It is a great honor to be here to meet with you.


How is it being powered?

The connecting port is USB-A. You can connect it to a power socket or to a power bank. You don't need to charge it before going to bed.

How does the pillow work for those who sleep on their side?

Our airbags cover the entire pillow, no matter which side you sleep on, the airbags will work, and they will work until you stop snoring.