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Your Personal Aim Finder With Ultralight 3D Motion Sensor

Compact, lightweight, affordable, and advanced
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Equipped with a 3D Motion Sensor, Aiming View is a game-changing personal aim finder which accurately displays the optimal aiming angle for any occasion or scenario in golf. Simply plug the device into your golf club and let Aiming View do all the calculations. For the players who may need a little help to hit a clean, effective shot wherever they are in the course, Aiming View is a must-have device that will immensely upgrade your aiming skills.


xVic Sportec is a sports tech startup founded by experienced engineers who majored in electrical engineering and studied UAVs for years. With our self-developed motion analysis technology, the products we create are equipped with high-tech 3D Motion Sensor Engines. xVic is the abbreviation of "eXperience Victory", which represents the vision and final goal of our company. We aspire to create various sport technology products and services that will help users experience and achieve their own victories on the journey. We hope that our backers will enjoy using our products and taste the sweet victory in golf or any other sport they participate in!


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