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A Fill-in-the-Blank Card Game For Creative Minds

DiceDen brings you Smackaroni and Cheese, a fill-in-the-blank card game where only your creativity counts. Take turns selecting intriguing prompt cards. Write down what you believe to be the most captivating answer as you aim to win over that round's judge. Every time the judge chooses your response, you score a point! Creativity and uniqueness are vital, as duplicate answers are disqualified! Reach ten points to claim victory over your friends. With 110 imaginative prompt cards, 8 writable blank cards, and 8 smooth pens for clear responses, you have all the tools you need for a guaranteed night of laughter and surprises. ABOUT Crafting quality tabletop games with an emphasis on engaging design and lasting materials. FAQ What's the gameplay like? Smackaroni and Cheese is a fill-in-the-blank party game where players use their wit and creativity to come up with the funniest or most clever answers to various prompts. How many players can play at once? The game is designed for 3-8 players, but it's most enjoyable with 4-6 players. Can kids play this game? While the base game is designed to be family-friendly, please be advised that the NSFW deck contains adult-themed prompts. Use your discretion when playing with younger players. CL Message Smackaroni and Cheese is the perfect recipe for a night filled with laughter, creativity, and unforgettable moments