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900+ Pages of Gothic TTRPG Adventures: Hunt, Fight, & Unravel Secrets! ️

Ready your wooden stakes and silver bullets, monster hunters! Join your adventuring party in Veil of the Eternal Night, a 3-book RPG trilogy for 5e D&D or MythCraft campaigns. Choose from unique lineages and over 13 new haunting subclasses before facing epic bosses inspired by iconic horror beasts. Fans of Castlevania will feel right at home with haunting gothic aesthetics as you explore chilling landscapes and hunt terrifying creatures. Loot hundreds of rewards ranging from entirely new weapons, spells, and artifacts that imbue your character with the ability to cut down the forces of evil easily. With over 900 pages of original content, this collection is every DM's dream. Now's your chance to get Veil of the Eternal Night and fight to save the world, and your sanity, from utter desolation. ABOUT GRANT MIELKE is the creator of MythCraft TTRPG and host of the top actual play podcast “The Homebrew". By day he is an award-winning marketing expert and founding partner of the midwest firm Vala Marketing. He has developed brands and campaigns for hundreds of clients, some you’re sure to have heard of. He lives in the heart of the Midwest, a stone’s throw away from Touchdown Jesus, with his social media expert wife, video game expert son, and cat expert daughter. FAQ How to choose my game system? When you pledge, you will simply choose what books you want. You won’t choose which game system at that point. DON’T WORRY! When we send out our first Backerkit survey, it will include a place for you to specify whether you want your book(s) for MythCraft or for D&D. Is it both MythCraft and D&D? Veil of the Eternal Night is written for both MythCraft and D&D. However, there are two versions of each book: one for each system. Can I mix and match my versions/systems? For each tier you will need to select D&D5e or MythCraft. The book and pdf will be of the same version; you cannot have the book be in one version and the pdf be of the other. If you would like a copy of the other version, book or pdf, you will need to add it as an add-on to your order. CL Message This expansive horror adventure isn't for the faint of heart; stave off your fear to carve through hordes of deadly monstrosities that hide within a ruined world.