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Travel Luggage Line Crafted With Tarpaulin

Your luggage can make or break your trip. Pack smart, travel smart 🧳✈️
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Your luggage can make or break your trip. Pack smart for years to come with TRANSIT Travel Line. The collection of 4 travel pieces features a backpack, carry-on roller, tote, and travel wallet designed to work seamlessly together yet be stellar solo. Discover a backpack so comfy you'll forget you're wearing it, a carry-on with crush-proof wheels, a tote bag that folds ultra-small, and a travel wallet that protects your passport, cash, and more. With TRANSIT Travel Linein tow, you will wander more and worry less.


WANDRD wasn’t born in a boardroom and it isn’t the brainchild of some serial entrepreneurs looking for the next “big thing”. No, WANDRD was born from two brothers who weren’t satisfied with the status quo. And while we've grown into a thriving team of passionate travelers, photographers, and creators, the same principles that founded our company run strongly through our veins. Our mission is simple: to inspire people to get out and live passionately; exploring, creating, and living life in the moment. We just happen to do that by creating the world’s best travel and photography gear.


Are the TRANSIT backpacks carry on approved?