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The Expandable Titanium Filter Straw

This straw guarantees that every sip is safe and clean
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Tiueco is a unique drinking straw that ensures safe, eco-conscious hydration at home and on every outdoor adventure. This 100% pure titanium straw sets new standards of convenience, strength, and purity. Tiueco features two filter modes. The titanium mesh filters out coffee grounds and tea leaves while the carbon filter removes impurities like color, odor, chlorine, and more. It is also extremely lightweight for effortless portability. In addition, filter replacement is easy and there are a variety of colors to match any vibe. Enjoy every sip more with Tiueco!


In the heart of our journey lies the Tiueco ethos – a tale of passion for purity and sustainability. Inspired by the pristine strength of titanium, our founders envisioned a world where every sip, no matter the setting, could be an embodiment of health and environmental consciousness. Tiueco emerged not just as a product but as a commitment to elevating your hydration experience while safeguarding our planet. Join us on this quest for pure taste, thoughtful design, and a sustainable future, one sip at a time.


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