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3-In-1 Replaceable Insoles That Provide Comfort, Protection, & More

Each acupoint on the sole corresponds to a major organ in your body, letting you improve your overall wellness with just 15 minutes of walking a day.
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Make every step count with Stepping Stones. The reflexology slippers are crafted using acupoints based on traditional oriental medicine. Each point on the sole of your feet corresponds to a major organ in your body, improving sleep and memory, balancing hormones, regulating your metabolism, regulating stress and lymph glans, filtering kidney toxins, normalizing blood sugar, and boosting heart health. Switch out the soles from all-around acupuncture, gentle rehabilitation, and everyday ergonomic comfort. Health starts from the ground up, and it only takes 15 minutes of walking a day with Stepping Stones.


Sustainability Drives XpreSole, World’s 1st Shoes Made Primarily from Coffee Spring ’20 launch follows Ccilu’s second consecutive Red Dot Design Award honor. Ccilu’s R&D team has spent three years developing XpreSole, which recycles used coffee grounds into a soft, flexible shoe sole and fabric material. Coffee offers some extraordinary natural benefits which are incorporated into the XpreSole shoe: eco-friendly, water-repelling, controls odor, vegan and dirt proof and extremely lightweight. XpreSole designed with style and comfort in mind. This revolutionary technology by that helps Mother Earth on multiple fronts — first by reducing the amount of coffee waste and also by offering an alternative to shoe soles made from petroleum rubber which reducing harmful methane and carbon dioxide emissions. Ccilu has published the XpreSole Technology Plan that lays out 4 primary objectives: 1. Minimize SCG landfill 2. Minimize Methane (CH4) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions 3. Minimize petroleum consumption 4. Minimize carbon footprint XpreSole comes to market having been honored by the Red Dot Design Awards, marking the second consecutive year Ccilu has been acknowledged by the largest and most renowned design competition in the world. The technology received an Honourable Mention for Product Design 2019. Last year, Ccilu’s SteppingStones massage sandal was honored with the Red Dot Design Award for Fashion & Lifestyle accessories. “The Red Dot honor reflects the breadth of Ccilu’s journey from comfort and style wins with Horizon and Diffusion, to personal care honors with SteppingStones, and caring for our planet through XpreSole,” said Hsu. “It is the embodiment and true realization of our motto, liberate yourself.” In fact, the tagline for XpreSole conveys the message and intent of the new tech: Coffee is recyclable, and sustainability is liberating. To embrace the spirits of entrepreneurs, true innovations, and impacting the emerging younger generations, Ccilu’s featuring XpreSole Cody will be firstly exposed at several crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, then moved to Ccilu branded stores worldwide, and brand-owned channel. Visit us at www.xpresole.com and www.Ccilu.com.


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