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Create Like A Pro With This All-In-One CNC Machine

This powerful CNC tool will revolutionize your workshop
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Red Fox 2 is a robust 3-axis CNC milling machine that helps you create like a professional. With Red Fox 2 you can easily work on wood or technical foam one day and thin acrylics or plastic the next. The industrial-grade linear bearings and ball screws on every axis allow you to replicate your projects with incredible accuracy, so you can fabricate them exactly how you imagined. Other features of Red Fox 2 include quick start-up automatic material height detection, included remote control, and more. Revolutionize your workshop with Red Fox 2!


Nomad Technologies was set up in 2016 with the idea of democratizing digital manufacturing technology by making simplified versions of industrial laser engraving and CNC milling machines. Our design philosophy is to manufacture machines with simple mechanics, low maintenance and intuitive software.


What materials can I work with?

Red Fox 2 allows you to carry out all kinds of projects with wood, technical foam, methacrylate and acrylics, plastics and synthetics, composites, aluminium and non-ferrous metals, among others.

What’s the system for holding the materials on the work table?

The holes in the Red Fox 2 working base allow the use of standard mechanical holding systems. The machine includes M6 thread tie-downs. You can use the most convenient system for your project (special CNC double belt, screwing, etc).

What are the voltage and power requirements?

It operates at 220-240V AC 50/60Hz and there’s also a 110V AC version. Power consumption of 800 W, not counting vacuum cleaner.