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The Nostalgic Computer Hub Perfect For Boosting Productivity

Add a retro touch of technology from the golden age of computers to your desk!
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Everyone knows the original Apple Macintosh is one of the most iconic pieces of technology created during the golden age of computing. RayCue 128K brings this famous design into the future, creating a multifunctional dock packed with nostalgia and function for any workspace. The hub features ports for both USB A and C, SD/TF cards, and HDMI that support up to 3 4K 60Hz monitors at once. The most stylistic feature is the 3.5-inch IPS full-color display, making your retro computer come alive with digital clocks, photo albums, and apps that display the music playing from the built-in Bluetooth speaker.


Our team is passionate about innovation and technology. In the computer interface expansion industry, we have rich experience, including expertise in hardware and software design, manufacturing, and marketing. Our vision is to create products that simplify and enhance people's work and lifestyle. We are excited to bring our skills and expertise to this new project, and look forward to collaborating with our supporters and partners to create truly amazing things. We believe that through collective effort, we can create products that truly change people's lives.


Are laptops able to be charged directly by the 128K series of docking stations?