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Explosive Graphic Novel Double Feature

Two tales of fisted ambition from creative outlaws set in the hard streets of Mexico and Earth's barren wasteland. Presented in premium hardcovers
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MEZKAL and CONVOY is an explosive graphic novel double feature by the dynamic duo Kevan Stevens and Jef. Dive into two tales of fisted ambition bound by anti-heroes treading a fine line between death and destiny. The first feature MEZKAL follows Vananka Darmont's journey to Mexico, where he plans to find himself. Yet while there, he encounters more trouble than truth and discovers that destiny can be cruel. The second feature, CONVOY, travels to the year 2074 when Earth is an abused, desolate ruin. Alex and Fonzie take on a desperate mission to the end of the planet, facing lawless hordes, misfits, and mercenaries along the way. The duo is presented in a deluxe hardcover boxed set filled with stunning illustrations.


Neurobellum Inc. has been creating awesome content for nearly 30 years in both the video game and comic book industries, having produced and developed original narrative material, intellectual properties, and game design for some of the top entertainment studios and publishers in the world, including Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai, Activision, LucasFilm, Dark Horse, DC Comics, MTV, Archaia Entertainment, Boom! Studios, Meteor Entertainment, Microsoft Games, Fox Entertainment Group, The 3DO Company, and Vogster Entertainment. In 2013, Neurobellum served as a source for creative material for the spin-off label MAGNETIC PRESS, a self-funded, independent publishing company specializing in art books and graphic novels. After three years as an imprint of Lion Forge Comics, Magnetic Press now runs once again as a fully independent publishing label. In 2021, they launched the gaming imprint Magnetic Press Play with a focus on new interactive narrative experiences, leveraging their license with West End Games to revise the classic D6 System of tabletop roleplaying rules starting with their first TTRPG, Carbon Grey.


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