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Versatile Lighting Device For All Of Your Adventures

Meet your new go-to flashlight with easy assembly, adjustable height, and numerous light modes!
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Elevate your outdoor experience with Prometheus 1, the multifunctional camping light designed for your journey. Crafted from high-hardness aviation-grade aluminum alloy, this portable and lightweight device offers adjustable heights, modes, and angles to provide you with the ideal illumination. With the additional hidden mini outdoor torch, magnetic tripod, and modular design Prometheus 1 is your reliable companion lighting the way through every adventure.


Founded in 2022, Mars Players is working to create innovative and cutting-edge outdoor camping gear that can usher in a new era of adventure. At Mars Players, our goal is to create cutting-edge products that can disrupt and re-shape the camping landscape. We are the pioneer of the E-Core Camping concept (with E standing for Electrify, Elegant and Environmentally friendly) that aims at enhancing the outdoor experience for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and rescue workers around the world.


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