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High-Speed Trigger For DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

Control your camera remotely and program it to capture the perfect shot, whether you're shooting high speed, timelapse, HDR, or long exposure 📸
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Capture unforgettable moments at the exact second. KOMET is an advanced camera trigger packed with features that empower you to shoot incredible high-speed, timelapse, HDR, and long-exposure photography. Cutting-edge sensor technology freezes the frame at the exact millisecond that lightning strikes. A built-in ND calculator updates your camera exposure automatically for stunning long-exposure photography, all hands-free. The dedicated app lets you access and adjust your camera's settings remotely. Never miss time-critical shots again with KOMET.


Lumionix, Inc. is a tech startup, creates smart camera accessories aiming to help photographers to enhance their creativity.


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