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Instant Multi-Temperature Water Dispenser

Delivers pure, safe, and delicious water in four temperature settings
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With its precision, ultra-fine filtration technology and four temperature preset modes, the OKO INSTA Mini water dispenser gives you ambient, tepid, hot, and scalding hot water at the touch of a button. OKO INSTA Mini features a temperature indicator, output button, water purification indicator, and more. This device helps you stay hydrated while filtering out chlorine and other impurities. It has a convenient top loading tank with lid and tuck-away handle. Enjoy purified water in preset temperatures for any use with OKO INSTA Mini.


Hi, I'm Mohssen. I've been a product designer, developer, manufacturer and importer for over 37 years. Most of my products are travel related and I've designed and produced for many famous brands in travel, apparel and gift industries. ÖKO water bottles with NASA filtration is one of them which you can see on our site. I am Very excited to be developing the new ÖKO INSTA™mini, a product that will create a new method of instant cold/hot/filtered water delivery for home and office.


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