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6-In-1 Travel-Friendly Portable Air Conditioner

The best travel companion for camping, picnics, and more
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Introducing IcyFlow, the 6-in-1 travel-friendly portable air conditioner. IcyFlow is compact and versatile with a high cooling capacity and makes a great travel companion for camping, picnics, and other hot outdoor activities. Some features of IcyFlow includes 1200BTU/H cooling, 2 fan speeds, standby power bank, bluetooth speaker, and more. IcyFlow requires no setup and is easy to use. Now, enjoy a cold breeze anytime and anywhere with IcyFlow!


IcyFlow was designed with YOU in mind, empowering you to enjoy a cool breeze anytime you are outside by harnessing the benefits of technology. We are confident that campers, outdoor lovers, and families alike are going to treat IcyFlow as their go-to outdoors companion as soon as they try it out.


What’s the runtime on the built-in battery when it’s raining?

IcyFlow is not affected when raining. Instead, it cools better and faster as the temperature drops during rain. The IcyFlow Pro with a built-in battery lasts up to 6 hours.

Is IcyFlow refrigeratored or evaporative?

IcyFlow is evaporative.

How does the cooling function work?

IcyFlow operates with a regular refrigeration compressor.

Does this use refrigerant, or is it thermo-electric?

IcyFlow uses Refrigerant.

If it's an actual AC, what gas is it running?

The refrigerant used in IcyFlow is R134a.

Do you have to put water or ice packs in IcyFlow?

You don't have to put water or ice packs in IcyFlow.

How long is the warranty period?

We provide a one-year warranty.

Can you connect IcyFlow to a solar panel?

You can use solar panels with a power of 500w or more with a sine wave inverter of the corresponding power.