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Chat GPT-Powered Voice-To-Text Transcriber

Transcribes calls in real time and presents you with well-structured meeting notes, outlines, to-do lists, and summaries
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Put your notepad away and let AI do the notetaking for you. HiDock H1 uses the power of Chat GPT to transcribe calls and meetings in real time. When you put the phone down, get a full transcript, well-structured meeting notes, outlines, to-do lists, and summaries. Not only do you have a complete trace of everything said, you have a plan of action ready to implement with no interruptions. Bi-directional noise canceling ensures crystal-clear voices on both ends. Streamline your meetings and work process with HiDock H1.


We believe communication solves 90% problems, future communication device should be: - Carry voice and take notes effortlessly - Makes conversations feel as natural as in-person - Looks sleek and stylish At HiDock, we are crafting innovation for communication heroes, blending AI technology with comfy design. Founded in 2014, we are an audio hardware company with experienced and leading designers and engineers. During the past few years, our audio DSP technology has powered over 500K devices, from smart home appliances to automobiles and teleconference devices. Our customers presently include Acuity Brands, Bang&Olufsen, Lavazza, Iveco, Newline and TP-Link, to name just a few. In 2022, we launched our first generation product HiDock Conference Speakerphone on Kickstarter, it is trusted by our users worldwide with the solid build and sound quality . We envision the AI powered communication device would greatly enhance human productivity. We are relentlessly working for people to achieve more with better communication experiences.


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