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Immerse Yourself In An Opulent Ambiance

These in-ear monitors will transcend your listening experience ⚡
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Enjoy an immersive auditory experience with Hidizs MP145. These whale-inspired ultra-large HiFi in-ear monitors will allow you to feel the richness of every detail with the 14.5mm planar magnetic driver that is tailor-made for music enthusiasts. Lightweight and sleek, they offer 9 listening preferences and pneumatic tuning filters for an optimal listening experience of your favorite genres. Elevate your sound journey with Hidizs MP145.


Hidizs is positioned as a "professional acoustic brand," differentiating ourselves from competing brands categorized as "audio brands." This signifies that HIDIZS not only focuses on the digital audio reproduction but also values users' personalized auditory experiences. We combine digital technology with psychoacoustics to create unique acoustic characteristics in our products. Vision: Our vision is for HIDIZS to excel in acoustic technology, enabling users to enjoy superior audio experiences that transcend time and space, faithfully reproducing natural melodies. Values: We value and respect each individual's unique auditory perception, emphasize artistic details and perfect design aesthetics, pursue excellence in acoustic performance, and continuously innovate and progress. Mission: Our mission is to become a professional acoustic brand, offering users personalized and high-quality auditory experiences through our professionalism, diverse product ecosystem, and youthful and vibrant design style.


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