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Innovative Electric Coffee Grinder

Enjoy the smoothest and most satisfying grinding experience ever
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HiBREW G5 is an innovative electric coffee grinder. HiBREW G5 features 15 degree and 90 degree grinding angles to ensure a smooth and thorough powder flow. The top of HiBREW G5 is designed with a powder blower so that the powder extraction rate can reach as high as 99.8%. This means that you can extract more coffee powder from the same amount of beans compared to other regular grinders. Furthermore, HiBREW G5 provides coffee lovers with a smooth grinding experience while meeting the strictest requirements for the quality of coffee powder, whether for espresso, mocha, drip coffee, or pour-over coffee.


HiBREW is dedicated to designing and branding small household kitchen appliances, particularly coffee machines. HiBREW has teamed up with sophisticated designers, and "Pursue High-Tech Creation" is our design guideline. Our strong engineering team is a valuable resource that is able to develop cutting-edge technology to satisfy the demanding needs of our customers. We believe that innovation pushes us one step further and creates value for our customers, thanks to our 20 years of technical background.


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