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Compact Electric Cordless Rotary Kit

Sleek and silent yet mighty, this multi-purpose tool streamlines all your tasks with flawless polishing and ultra-precise drilling and cutting ⚡
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DIY enthusiasts and creative spirits alike can't miss Hanboost S1. The electric cordless rotary kit is light enough to take anywhere and it does everything your favorite polisher, drill, and cutter can do with unparalleled precision and flawless results. Polish, drill, grind, repair, and even carve on virtually any material with Hanboost S1. Despite its size, the powerful motor works quickly and silently with high concentricity. Hanboost S1 isn't just a must-have for your toolbox; it is your toolbox!


Hanboost offers the latest technology in household tools and repair equipment to customers around the world. With innovative designs,hanboost provides cost-effective products with trendy looks for any home renovation project or task at hand! We provide power tools, hand tools, pry, scriber, woodworking tools etc; we specialized in various kinds of hand-tools and accessories. Also we offer wholesale and retail services, as well as OEM&ODM. We're a group of young and eager professionals who are forever curious, always looking for ways to improve the way things work. We created our business model around providing users with quality tools at reasonable prices - which has earned us trust from all over world!


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