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The Robotic Cushion With Deep Breathing Technology

Cuddle with a soft cushion that mimics human breathing to keep you calm and tranquil
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Fufuly is the robotic cushion with deep breathing technology that perfectly mimics human breathing. Simply hug this cushion, take a break, and embrace tranquility. Inhale deeply, and let the soothing rhythm of Fufuly calm your mind. This portable cushion is perfect for rest, work, and sleep. Every detail of this cushion was fine-tuned down to the softness and quantity of cotton. In addition, the versatile form allows for different holding positions to match your mood. Take a moment to breathe and find calm and serenity with Fufuly.


Yukai Engineering is a small robotics startup made up of designers and engineers who love to create robots. Our mission is to use robotics to make our daily lives more fun and fulfilling!


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