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The Smart, Eco-Friendly, Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

Exquisite design with two-way measurement
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DP20 PRO is a new smart, eco-friendly bilateral laser distance meter. It uses upgraded and patented distance-measuring technology that enables more efficient and accurate measurement, which meets various measurement needs of people engaged in house renovation, interior design, crafting, and more. The DP20 PRO is a useful tool for simple measuring tasks, as well as for extremely challenging tasks in complex working environments. Other features include real-time app data synchronization, lightweight, portable, OLED display, and many more. Measure smart with DP20 PRO!


SpaceMaster is committed to becoming a global competitor and leader in high-precision measurement and inspection and sports optics, and has now formed four product lines: measurement, intelligent assessment, sports optics and sensing. In the consumer market, the series of measurement and intelligent detection products are used in engineering design, intelligent measurement, peaceful life and other scenarios; the sports optics products serve golf, outdoor observation, night vision observation and different scenarios. In the industrial market, the series of high-precision distance displacement sensors, photoelectric sensors and LIDAR products are widely used in industrial automation, smart city, IoT and other fields.


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