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Front & Rear CNT & Graphene-Boosted Rectangular Wipers

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CarbonFit is a premium, cutting-edge, yet surprisingly affordable windshield wiper with a distinctive rectangular blade design that isn't merely an aesthetic choice - it markedly enhances wiper efficiency and functionality. With a vast collection of adapters designed for different wiper arms, CarbonFit wipers seamlessly fit almost all vehicles on the road today. Made from premium silicone instead of the usual rubber, CarbonFit wipers resist corrosion and deformation from environmental elements, ensuring extended durability.


From the dawn of our journey, we asked, 'As cars continue to evolve, why shouldn't the wipers?' At Kimblade, we envision wipers not merely as consumables but as lasting innovations. With three successful Kickstarter campaigns behind us, we have continuously strived to liberate drivers from wiper stress. Now, for our 4th campaign, we've harnessed all our past experiences and insights to bring you an even more refined and superior product.


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