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Portable 4-Screen Extended Monitor

Lightweight and modular parts attach easily to your laptop to boost productivity anywhere, whether that's the beach, a board meeting, or the park
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Now, you don't need to choose between working across multiple screens in your dull office or suffering from your laptop's tiny screen in your favorite cafe. With Extend Pro, have the best of both worlds from anywhere. The portable and modular 4-screen extended monitor setup is light enough to take everywhere and boost your productivity. Simply attach the screens to your laptop and get to work. Now, you can hit the beach, a park, or even a board meeting with a multi-screen setup in tow. Extend Pro makes it happen.


Quanvizo provides a window to a world where work, learning, and entertainment are no longer confined by space and time. Every Quanvizo portable monitor is a ticket to this world, offering exceptional visuals, seamless connectivity, and ergonomic design that makes it a breeze to carry around.


Which laptops is Quanvizo Extend Pro monitors compatible with?