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Most plastic sunglasses in the world contribute to environmental pollution, but PANGEA Mangrove Sunglasses actually take trash out of the ecosystem. They’re sunglasses on a mission. Designed in London, and handcrafted in Bali from recycled plastic taken from some of the nastiest mangroves in the world, each pair funds the removal of 50lbs. of trash, and the planting of one new mangrove tree. See the world cleaner though PANGEA Mangrove Sunglasses.


We are an impact brand and ecological movement founded by three travelers from USA, Argentina, and Colombia. Our mission is to create the most innovative and regenerative adventure products in the world, that clean our planet with each purchase! We are a brand made by adventurers for adventurers. A community of nature lovers that want to make this world a better place. Join us in our goal to collect 1 million lbs of trash, plant 1 million trees, and organize 1 cleanup in each country of our planet!


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