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The Most Compact, Portable Hair Dryer You'll Ever Have

Style your hair without heat damage!
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Thanks to an exclusive high-speed brushless motor with a speed of 110,000 RPM, the BlueHole portable hair dryer generates an airspeed of 21 m/s and can dry hair quickly in 1 to 5 minutes. In order to protect your hair from high heat damage, the advanced smart NTC function modifies the airflow temperature, at the same time, 100 million negative ions are produced and thoroughly penetrate your hair to offer long-lasting protection and maintain your hair frizz-free and lustrous 24/7.


Established in 2018, The Bluehole team consists of several experienced engineers and designers who are committed to researching and developing home appliances that bring a new sense of experience to people. Bluehole’s business integrates R&D, production, and marketing. Our current products include hand dryers, hairdryers, and electric toothbrushes. The Bluehole team continues to innovate categories and believes that innovation can change the dimension of life. We will continue to bring people a cleaner life and a better experience.


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