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Create Your Own Modular Board Game Storage System

Your board games and just got a new home that grows as your collection does!
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FantasyDesigns presents Omni 3, a modular board game storage system. Your board games just got a new home. For Omni 3, a team of board game enthusiasts designed the product to turn your board game station into a functional showpiece. Omni 3 is designed to grow and adapt with you as your gaming station changes over time. New gaming space? New board games? New minis? Simply print a few more pieces and expand the size and configuration of your Omni 3 to match your new style. You can even organize and protect your playmats for game grids and card-playing games with printable playmat storage tubes. Sleek and portable, these tubes ensure your playmats stay pristine and ready for action. Versatile drawers allow you to organize tools, paints, accessories, and gaming peripherals, ensuring your creative gaming areas stay tidy and efficient. They also feature themed cases, such as Steampunk, Eldritch Monstrosity, and Epic Fantasy. Revamp your gaming space today!


We sculpt fantasy theme and game play pieces. Mostly architectural pieces but also occasionally sets of minis to go with them. Background is in Mechanical Engineering so I hope to bring some cool engineering accessories to the miniature world. I sculpt and play in 28mm scale. All of my sculpts are done by hand and not just applied textures so they can be scaled to suit any game play needs without losing details. I'm passionate about both fdm and resin printing ! I have a couple of both types of printers. For design I like to use Maya and Z Brush. I started in Blender but changed softwares a couple years ago. Renders usually done using Keyshot. All engineering work is typically done in Solidworks or Fusion 360!


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