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Acrylic Miniatures for Any Of Your Favorite Tabletop Games

Ready these creatures to clash fiercely against any adventurers who decide to step into danger
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2D Titans features a legion of over one hundred miniatures waiting to infuse your dungeon with spine-tingling excitement. Finely detailed to embody beloved and iconic creatures, they are ready to occupy every nook and cranny of your map and confront daring adventurers at every turn. Crafted to fit seamlessly into standard RPG systems, these miniatures range from small (1-inch base diameter) to huge (3-inch base diameter). Get ready to inject excitement and awe into your gaming sessions as you embark on epic quests with these larger-than-life 2D Titans!


We are a fun NYC based company with a passion for tabletop gaming. We absolutely love miniatures and wanted a way to always have a variety of dungeon crawlers without needing full 3D minis.


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